Pirelli Scorpion STR


    All-season safety with enhanced ride comfort, low noise level and high mileage.

    Available in Sizes: 215/60R17, 215/65R16, 225/55R17, 235/50R18, 235/55R17, 255/65R16, 265/60R18, LT255/70R15, LT265/70R17, LT265/75R16, P215/70R16, P225/70R16, P225/75R15, P225/75R16, P235/70R16, P235/75R15, P245/50R20, P245/65R17, P245/70R16, P255/50R20, P255/55R18, P255/60R17, P255/70R16, P255/70R18, P265/65R17, P265/70R15, P265/70R16, P265/70R17, P275/55R20, P275/60R17, P275/60R18, P275/70R16, P285/45R22, P285/60R18

  • Technical Specs


    Part Number Size Sidewall Speed Rating Type Load Index
    P1567600 215/60R17 Blackwall V 96
    P1394300 215/65R16 Blackwall H 98
    P1394400 215/65R16 Blackwall V 98
    P2073200 215/65R16 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1395000 225/55R17 Blackwall H 97
    P1503700 235/50R18 Blackwall H 97
    P1395100 235/55R17 Blackwall H 99
    P1394500 255/65R16 Blackwall H 109
    P1554100 265/60R18 Blackwall H 110
    P1858700 LT255/70R15 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1475100 LT265/70R17 Blackwall S 121
    P1439200 LT265/75R16 Blackwall R 123
    P1442300 LT265/75R16 Blackwall R 123
    P1393900 P215/70R16 Blackwall H 100
    P1443200 P225/70R16 Blackwall H 102
    P1442400 P225/75R15 Blackwall T 106
    P1442900 P225/75R16 Blackwall T 104
    P1795900 P235/70R16 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1442500 P235/75R15 Blackwall T 108
    P1993600 P245/50R20 Blackwall H 102
    P1809400 P245/65R17 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1394200 P245/70R16 Blackwall H 107
    P1772000 P255/50R20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1730700 P255/55R18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1724600 P255/60R17 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1666600 P255/70R16 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1570100 P255/70R18 Blackwall S 112
    P1625500 P255/70R18 Blackwall H 112
    P1486400 P265/65R17 Blackwall H 112
    P1442800 P265/70R15 Blackwall H 112
    P1413600 P265/70R16 Blackwall H 112
    P1443800 P265/70R17 Blackwall H 113
    P1555300 P275/55R20 Blackwall H 111
    P1792400 P275/55R20 Blackwall T 111
    P1444000 P275/60R17 Blackwall T 110
    P1578300 P275/60R18 Blackwall H 113
    P1413800 P275/70R16 Blackwall H 114
    P1751600 P285/45R22 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1776200 P285/60R18 Blackwall NULL 0

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