Pirelli PZero Nero


    Winning combination of quiet ride, precise cornering and superior grip in both wet and dry driving conditions.

    Available in Sizes: 195/40ZR16, 205/40ZR17, 205/45R17, 205/55ZR16, 215/40ZR17, 215/45ZR17, 215/50ZR17, 225/35ZR19, 225/40R18, 225/40ZR18, 225/45ZR17, 225/50R17, 235/35ZR19, 235/40ZR18, 235/45ZR18, 245/30ZR20, 245/30ZR22, 245/35ZR20, 245/35ZR21, 245/45R20, 255/30ZR19, 255/30ZR20, 255/30ZR21, 255/30ZR22, 255/35ZR18, 255/35ZR22, 265/30ZR22, 265/35ZR21, 275/30ZR19, 275/30ZR20, 275/40R20, 285/25ZR20, 285/25ZR22, 285/30ZR21, 295/25ZR20, 295/25ZR21, 295/25ZR22, 305/25ZR20, 305/30ZR20, 305/30ZR21, 305/30ZR22, 315/25ZR22, 315/25ZR23, 325/25ZR20, 355/25ZR21, 375/20ZR21, P255/30ZR19

  • Technical Specs


    Part Number Size Sidewall Speed Rating Type Load Index
    P1328100 195/40ZR16 Blackwall W 80
    P1424100 205/40ZR17 Blackwall W 84
    P1615400 205/45R17 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1462900 205/55ZR16 Blackwall Y 91
    P1283700 215/40ZR17 Blackwall NULL 83
    P1463000 215/45ZR17 Blackwall Y 91
    P1450700 215/50ZR17 Blackwall Y 95
    P1733700 225/35ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1682000 225/40R18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1463500 225/40ZR18 Blackwall Y 92
    P2596400 225/40ZR18 Blackwall Y 92
    P1283300 225/45ZR17 Blackwall W 94
    P2492700 225/50R17 Blackwall Y 98
    P1451300 235/35ZR19 Blackwall Y 91
    P1963000 235/40ZR18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1614600 235/45ZR18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1481700 245/30ZR20 Blackwall Y 90
    P1548500 245/30ZR22 Blackwall Y 92
    P1284500 245/35ZR20 Blackwall Y 95
    P1695700 245/35ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1567700 245/35ZR21 Blackwall Y 96
    P2443200 245/45R20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2449600 255/30ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1451400 255/30ZR20 Blackwall Y 92
    P1917100 255/30ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1540900 255/30ZR21 Blackwall Y 93
    P2052800 255/30ZR22 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1540400 255/35ZR18 Blackwall Y 94
    P2052900 255/35ZR22 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1487600 265/30ZR22 Blackwall Y 97
    P2543300 265/30ZR22 Blackwall Y 97
    P2052600 265/35ZR21 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1734100 275/30ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2449700 275/30ZR19 Blackwall Y 96
    P1734200 275/30ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2443900 275/40R20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1610500 285/25ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1577900 285/25ZR22 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2543400 285/25ZR22 Blackwall Y 95
    P1567800 285/30ZR21 Blackwall Y 100
    P1734400 295/25ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1541000 295/25ZR21 Blackwall Y 96
    P1487700 295/25ZR22 Blackwall Y 97
    P2543500 295/25ZR22 Blackwall Y 97
    P1734500 305/25ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1825900 305/30ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2052500 305/30ZR21 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1825800 305/30ZR22 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1694200 315/25ZR22 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1897300 315/25ZR23 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1577800 325/25ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2052700 355/25ZR21 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1825700 375/20ZR21 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1299100 P255/30ZR19 Blackwall Y 91

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