Pirelli PZero Nero GT


    Constant performance and comfort along all tyre life. Improved mileage and excellent handling in wet and dry conditions. Excellent tyre choice for tuners and the most demanding sports performance drivers.
    Ideal for changeovers of ultra-low profile tyres with larger wheel diameter.

    Available in Sizes: 205/45R17, 205/45ZR17, 215/35ZR19, 215/40ZR17, 215/50ZR17, 225/35ZR18, 225/35ZR19, 225/40ZR18, 225/40ZR19, 225/45ZR17, 225/45ZR18, 225/50ZR17, 225/55ZR17, 235/30ZR20, 235/30ZR22, 235/35ZR19, 235/40ZR18, 235/40ZR19, 235/45ZR17, 235/45ZR18, 245/30ZR20, 245/30ZR22, 245/35ZR19, 245/35ZR20, 245/40ZR17, 245/40ZR18, 245/40ZR19, 245/45ZR17, 245/45ZR18, 255/30R22, 255/30ZR19, 255/30ZR20, 255/30ZR21, 255/30ZR22, 255/35ZR18, 255/35ZR19, 255/35ZR22, 255/40ZR17, 255/40ZR19, 255/45ZR18, 265/30ZR19, 265/30ZR22, 265/35ZR21, 275/30ZR19, 275/30ZR20, 285/25ZR20, 285/25ZR22, 295/25ZR20, 295/25ZR21, 295/25ZR22, 305/25ZR20, 305/30ZR21, 305/30ZR22, 315/25ZR22, 315/25ZR23, 355/25ZR21

  • Technical Specs


    Part Number Size Sidewall Speed Rating Type Load Index
    P2383100 205/45R17 Blackwall V 88
    P2383600 205/45ZR17 Blackwall W 88
    P2385100 215/35ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2383800 215/40ZR17 Blackwall W 87
    P2383700 215/50ZR17 Blackwall Y 95
    P2384400 225/35ZR18 Blackwall Y 87
    P2449400 225/35ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2384300 225/40ZR18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2373800 225/40ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2383900 225/45ZR17 Blackwall Y 94
    P2373400 225/45ZR18 Blackwall Y 95
    P2373100 225/50ZR17 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2373200 225/55ZR17 Blackwall W 101
    P2385600 235/30ZR20 Blackwall Y 88
    P2500000 235/30ZR22 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2384900 235/35ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2384600 235/40ZR18 Blackwall Y 95
    P2384800 235/40ZR19 Blackwall Y 96
    P2384000 235/45ZR17 Blackwall Y 97
    P2384500 235/45ZR18 Blackwall Y 98
    P2385800 245/30ZR20 Blackwall Y 90
    P2386700 245/30ZR22 Blackwall Y 92
    P2518800 245/30ZR22 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2385300 245/35ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2449500 245/35ZR19 Blackwall Y 93
    P2385700 245/35ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2384100 245/40ZR17 Blackwall Y 91
    P2373500 245/40ZR18 Blackwall Y 97
    P2373900 245/40ZR19 Blackwall Y 98
    P2373300 245/45ZR17 Blackwall Y 99
    P2373600 245/45ZR18 Blackwall Y 100
    P2662200 255/30R22 Blackwall Y 95
    P2385400 255/30ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2385900 255/30ZR20 Blackwall Y 92
    P2386200 255/30ZR21 Blackwall Y 93
    P2386900 255/30ZR22 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2384700 255/35ZR18 Blackwall Y 94
    P2375300 255/35ZR19 Blackwall Y 96
    P2390100 255/35ZR19 Blackwall Y 96
    P2386800 255/35ZR22 Blackwall Y 99
    P2384200 255/40ZR17 Blackwall Y 94
    P2374000 255/40ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2373700 255/45ZR18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2385000 265/30ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2387000 265/30ZR22 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2386300 265/35ZR21 Blackwall Y 101
    P2385500 275/30ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2386000 275/30ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2386100 285/25ZR20 Blackwall Y 93
    P2387100 285/25ZR22 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2520200 295/25ZR20 Blackwall Y 95
    P2386400 295/25ZR21 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2387200 295/25ZR22 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2520100 305/25ZR20 Blackwall Y 97
    P2386500 305/30ZR21 Blackwall Y 104
    P2387300 305/30ZR22 Blackwall Y 105
    P2387400 315/25ZR22 Blackwall Y 101
    P2387500 315/25ZR23 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2386600 355/25ZR21 Blackwall NULL 0

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