Pirelli P Zero


    P ZERO™ is the unique Ultra High Performance product combining Pirelli’s knowledge gained from competitive Motorsport and from Pirelli’s alliance with the top car manufacturers, granting the perfect fit for the performance of each car.

    Available in Sizes: 205/40R18, 205/45R17, 205/50R17, 215/40R18, 225/35R19, 225/40R18, 225/40R19, 225/40ZR18, 225/45R17, 225/45ZR17, 225/50ZR15, 235/35/19, 235/35ZR19, 235/35ZR20, 235/40ZR18, 235/45R20, 235/45ZR17, 235/50R19, 245/30R20, 245/30ZR20, 245/35R18, 245/35R19, 245/35R20, 245/35R21, 245/35ZR18, 245/35ZR19, 245/35ZR20, 245/40R18, 245/40R19, 245/40R20, 245/40ZR18, 245/40ZR19, 245/40ZR21, 245/45R17, 245/45R18, 245/45R19, 245/45ZR18, 245/45ZR19, 245/45ZR20, 245/50R18, 245/50ZR18, 255/30R19, 255/30R20, 255/30ZR19, 255/30ZR21, 255/35R18, 255/35R19, 255/35R20, 255/35ZR18, 255/35ZR19, 255/35ZR20, 255/40R17, 255/40R18, 255/40R19, 255/40R20, 255/40ZR19, 255/40ZR20, 255/45R18, 255/45R19, 255/45ZR19, 255/50ZR19, 255/55R18, 265/30ZR20, 265/35R18, 265/35R20, 265/35ZR18, 265/35ZR19, 265/35ZR20, 265/40R20, 265/40ZR18, 265/40ZR21, 265/45ZR20, 265/50R19, 275/30R19, 275/30R20, 275/30R21, 275/30ZR19, 275/30ZR20, 275/35R19, 275/35R20, 275/35ZR19, 275/35ZR20, 275/35ZR21, 275/40R18, 275/40R19, 275/40ZR19, 275/40ZR20, 275/45ZR18, 285/30R19, 285/30R21, 285/30ZR19, 285/30ZR20, 285/30ZR22, 285/35R18, 285/35R20, 285/35ZR19, 285/35ZR20, 285/40R22, 285/40ZR19, 285/45ZR19, 295/30ZR19, 295/30ZR20, 295/35R21, 295/35ZR20, 295/35ZR21, 295/45ZR20, 305/30/20, 305/30R20, 305/30ZR19, 305/30ZR20, 305/35ZR20, 315/35ZR20, 325/25ZR20, 325/25ZR21, 335/25ZR22, 335/30ZR20, 355/25ZR21, P245/40ZR18, P275/35ZR18, P285/30ZR19, P285/35ZR19, P295/25ZR21, P325/30ZR19, P335/25ZR20, P355/30ZR19

  • Technical Specs


    Part Number Size Sidewall Speed Rating Type Load Index
    P1758600 205/40R18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1817100 205/45R17 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2129300 205/45R17 Blackwall V 84
    P1842600 205/50R17 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1837200 215/40R18 Blackwall Y 85
    P1924900 225/35R19 Blackwall Y 88
    P2050800 225/35R19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1740100 225/40R18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1876500 225/40R19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1679700 225/40ZR18 Blackwall Y 92
    P2000700 225/40ZR18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2117600 225/40ZR18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1738200 225/45R17 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1738300 225/45R17 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1744100 225/45ZR17 Blackwall Y 94
    P732000 225/50ZR15 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2615300 235/35/19 Blackwall Y 91
    P1737700 235/35ZR19 Blackwall Y 87
    P1768200 235/35ZR19 Blackwall Y 91
    P1913600 235/35ZR19 Blackwall Y 91
    P1920700 235/35ZR19 Blackwall Y 91
    P2023200 235/35ZR19 Blackwall Y 91
    P1874600 235/35ZR20 Blackwall Y 88
    P1723000 235/40ZR18 Blackwall Y 95
    P1748100 235/40ZR18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1767300 235/45R20 Blackwall W 100
    P1744200 235/45ZR17 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1767100 235/50R19 Blackwall W 99
    P2154800 245/30R20 Blackwall Y 90
    P2311500 245/30ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1837300 245/35R18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2031900 245/35R19 Blackwall Y 93
    P2059600 245/35R20 Blackwall Y 95
    P1826600 245/35R21 Blackwall Y 96
    P1654900 245/35ZR18 Blackwall Y 92
    P1833200 245/35ZR19 Blackwall Y 93
    P1638800 245/35ZR20 Blackwall Y 95
    P1715800 245/35ZR20 Blackwall Y 95
    P1805300 245/35ZR20 Blackwall Y 95
    P1914100 245/35ZR20 Blackwall Y 95
    P1929000 245/35ZR20 Blackwall Y 91
    P1935800 245/35ZR20 Blackwall Y 95
    P1749200 245/40R18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1949400 245/40R18 Blackwall Y 97
    P2252900 245/40R18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1941800 245/40R19 Blackwall Y 94
    P1874400 245/40R20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2475100 245/40R20 Blackwall W 99
    P1713000 245/40ZR18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1638200 245/40ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1876600 245/40ZR19 Blackwall Y 98
    P1902000 245/40ZR19 Blackwall Y 94
    P2218600 245/40ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1809700 245/40ZR21 Blackwall Y 100
    P1749300 245/45R17 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2016900 245/45R18 Blackwall Y 96
    P2059800 245/45R18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1788900 245/45R19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1817000 245/45R19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2137300 245/45R19 Blackwall Y 98
    P1775900 245/45ZR18 Blackwall Y 100
    P1875500 245/45ZR19 Blackwall Y 102
    P1791700 245/45ZR20 Blackwall Y 103
    P1789000 245/50R18 Blackwall Y 100
    P2010100 245/50R18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1766400 245/50ZR18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1925000 255/30R19 Blackwall Y 91
    P2074500 255/30R20 Blackwall Y 92
    P1995700 255/30ZR19 Blackwall Y 91
    P2056700 255/30ZR21 Blackwall Y 93
    P1740200 255/35R18 Blackwall Y 90
    P1802900 255/35R19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1876400 255/35R19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1997500 255/35R19 Blackwall Y 96
    P1997100 255/35R20 Blackwall Y 97
    P1800400 255/35ZR18 Blackwall Y 94
    P1773800 255/35ZR19 Blackwall Y 96
    P1858200 255/35ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1997200 255/35ZR19 Blackwall Y 96
    P2049000 255/35ZR19 Blackwall Y 96
    P1639000 255/35ZR20 Blackwall Y 97
    P1775700 255/35ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1837600 255/35ZR20 Blackwall Y 97
    P1738500 255/40R17 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1738600 255/40R17 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2027700 255/40R18 Blackwall Y 99
    P1996400 255/40R19 Blackwall Y 100
    P1767400 255/40R20 Blackwall W 101
    P2540100 255/40R20 Blackwall Y 101
    P1738100 255/40ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1949100 255/40ZR19 Blackwall W 96
    P1766500 255/40ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1915900 255/40ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2315300 255/40ZR20 Blackwall Y 101
    P1996900 255/45R18 Blackwall Y 99
    P1767200 255/45R19 Blackwall W 100
    P2035100 255/45R19 Blackwall Y 104
    P1918900 255/45ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1831500 255/50ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1924500 255/55R18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2152900 265/30ZR20 Blackwall Y 94
    P1949500 265/35R18 Blackwall Y 97
    P2034700 265/35R20 Blackwall Y 99
    P1716500 265/35ZR18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1713300 265/35ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1787200 265/35ZR19 Blackwall Y 94
    P1833300 265/35ZR19 Blackwall Y 98
    P1654800 265/35ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2039200 265/35ZR20 Blackwall Y 99
    P1849300 265/40R20 Blackwall Y 104
    P1713100 265/40ZR18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1936000 265/40ZR21 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1827600 265/45ZR20 Blackwall Y 108
    P2060100 265/45ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1804000 265/50R19 Blackwall Y 110
    P2032000 275/30R19 Blackwall Y 96
    P2059700 275/30R20 Blackwall Y 97
    P1826700 275/30R21 Blackwall Y 98
    P1716600 275/30ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1876200 275/30ZR20 Blackwall Y 97
    P1921100 275/35R19 Blackwall Y 96
    P1874300 275/35R20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1850400 275/35ZR19 Blackwall Y 100
    P1720700 275/35ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1745900 275/35ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1775800 275/35ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1809600 275/35ZR21 Blackwall Y 103
    P1874800 275/35ZR21 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2039800 275/35ZR21 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2059900 275/40R18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1788800 275/40R19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2153200 275/40R19 Blackwall Y 101
    P1638400 275/40ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1875700 275/40ZR19 Blackwall Y 105
    P1791600 275/40ZR20 Blackwall Y 106
    P1831700 275/40ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1874900 275/40ZR20 Blackwall Y 106
    P2039900 275/40ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1766600 275/45ZR18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1997600 285/30R19 Blackwall Y 98
    P2153000 285/30R21 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1773900 285/30ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1858300 285/30ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2390200 285/30ZR19 Blackwall Y 98
    P1639200 285/30ZR20 Blackwall Y 99
    P1906000 285/30ZR20 Blackwall Y 99
    P2064400 285/30ZR22 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2009300 285/35R18 Blackwall Y 97
    P2475200 285/35R20 Blackwall W 100
    P1907000 285/35ZR19 Blackwall Y 103
    P1720000 285/35ZR20 Blackwall Y 100
    P1915800 285/35ZR20 Blackwall Y 100
    P2421700 285/40R22 Blackwall Y 106
    P1723300 285/40ZR19 Blackwall Y 103
    P1919000 285/40ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1831600 285/45ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1737800 295/30ZR19 Blackwall Y 100
    P1740800 295/30ZR19 Blackwall Y 100
    P1920800 295/30ZR19 Blackwall Y 100
    P2049100 295/30ZR19 Blackwall Y 100
    P1715700 295/30ZR20 Blackwall Y 101
    P1800100 295/30ZR20 Blackwall Y 101
    P2039300 295/30ZR20 Blackwall Y 101
    P2067700 295/30ZR20 Blackwall Y 101
    P2049400 295/35R21 Blackwall Y 107
    P1766700 295/35ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1874500 295/35ZR20 Blackwall Y 105
    P2103800 295/35ZR20 Blackwall Y 105
    P1906800 295/35ZR21 Blackwall Y 107
    P2122000 295/35ZR21 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2116500 295/45ZR20 Blackwall Y 110
    P2516200 305/30/20 Blackwall Y 99
    P2154700 305/30R20 Blackwall Y 103
    P1737900 305/30ZR19 Blackwall Y 102
    P1777900 305/30ZR19 Blackwall Y 102
    P1931700 305/30ZR20 Blackwall Y 99
    P2059500 305/30ZR20 Blackwall Y 103
    P1635400 305/35ZR20 Blackwall Y 104
    P1935900 305/35ZR20 Blackwall Y 104
    P1831800 315/35ZR20 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2094800 315/35ZR20 Blackwall Y 106
    P2311400 325/25ZR20 Blackwall Y 101
    P2148100 325/25ZR21 Blackwall Y 102
    P2056600 335/25ZR22 Blackwall Y 105
    P1800300 335/30ZR20 Blackwall Y 104
    P1716800 355/25ZR21 Blackwall NULL 0
    P1997400 355/25ZR21 Blackwall Y 107
    P2010300 P245/40ZR18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2053300 P275/35ZR18 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2053100 P285/30ZR19 Blackwall Y 87
    P1931400 P285/35ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2530800 P295/25ZR21 Blackwall Y 96
    P2053200 P325/30ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0
    P2053000 P335/25ZR20 Blackwall Y 94
    P2306100 P355/30ZR19 Blackwall NULL 0

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