Delinte D8


    Larger tire footprint. Combine the D8’s large contact patch with the tree-like central spine and you get all the grip, stability, high-speed controllability and confident cornering you could ask for. Grip-enhancing compound. High silica formula promotes fast braking and responsive handling, especially in wet conditions. Wet grip grooves. Twin longitudinal grooves with 3-D groove walls evacuate water and resist hydroplaning. Noise reducing design. Variable pitch patterns with 2-in-1 alignment reduce noise levels at high speeds.

    Available in Sizes: 245/45ZR20/XL, 255/30ZR24/XL, 265/35ZR22/XL, 265/40R22/XL, 275/40ZR20/XL, 275/45R20/XL, 275/45R22/XL, 275/55R20/XL, 285/35ZR22/XL, 285/45R22/XL, 295/30ZR26/XL, 295/35R24/XL, 305/30ZR26/XL, 305/35R24/XL, 305/40R22/XL, 305/45R22/XL, 315/35ZR20/XL

  • Technical Specs


    Part Number Size Sidewall Speed Rating Type Load Index
    6901532800417 245/45ZR20/XL BW W 103
    6901532800615 255/30ZR24/XL BW W 97
    6901532800219 265/35ZR22/XL BW W 102
    6901532800455 265/40R22/XL BW V 106
    6901532800011 275/40ZR20/XL BW W 106
    6901532800059 275/45R20/XL BW V 110
    6901532800554 275/45R22/XL BW V 112
    6901532800653 275/55R20/XL BW V 117
    6901532800318 285/35ZR22/XL BW W 106
    6901532800851 285/45R22/XL BW V 114
    6901532800912 295/30ZR26/XL BW W 107
    6901532801950 295/35R24/XL BW V 110
    6901532800516 305/30ZR26/XL BW W 109
    6901532800257 305/35R24/XL BW V 112
    6901532800158 305/40R22/XL BW V 114
    6901532800356 305/45R22/XL BW V 118
    6901532800110 315/35ZR20/XL BW W 110

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